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Rapid test for companies

Corona testing for companies

We offer reliable COVID-19 rapid tests for companies and employers. Our team can provide fast service on location where your employees can be tested quickly and always have the results the same day. We use rapid tests that are validated by the RIVM and the best on the market, so that the tests have worthy results. By offering the COVID-19 rapid tests in the workplace, preventive action can be taken. The employees can get back to work faster and with this we increase safety in the workplace. We also help companies with (on the company floor / in-company) screening and of employees or employees.

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Our certainties

Reliable approved Corona Testing

We offer reliable Corona tests. This means that we are under the direct supervision of a BIG-registered doctor and follow all associated protocols. We work with an ISO-certified and RIVM accredited laboratory where we can have the tests carried out quickly and efficiently.

Medically trained staff

Our staff is certified to conduct tests and work in a professional clinic.

Government validated

Our COVID-19 tests have been validated by the Ministry of Health and the travel certificates are internationally recognized.
Officially approved
Certified personnel

Yes they are. The RT-PCR tests are examined by an ISO-certified laboratory and the travel certificate is issued by a BIG-registered doctor.

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