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What is a PCR Test?

The PCR test is the most widely used and reliable COVID-19 test. For the PCR test you can opt for an international travel certificate. By removing mucus from the throat and nose, genetic material of the coronavirus / COVID-19 can be detected. After the test, we send the order directly to our ISO certified laboratory. The PCR test returns whether you have corona at the time of testing. Tested before 14:00, then you have the result before 23:59 the same day, otherwise within 24 hours.

Need faster result? Choose 4 hour service €85) or 1 hour: Last minute service (€125)

How is the PCR test administered?

In a PCR test, a swab of mucus is taken from the nose and throat with a cotton swab. This goes to a lab for the PCR test. If the new virus is present in the mucus, this test will make copies of some of the virus. A piece of genetic material from the virus is strongly multiplied in order to be able to demonstrate it. This is also called a multiplication test. The PCR test has a high sensitivity. This means that the PCR test also picks up the virus from someone who is carrying little or little virus

Does the administration of the PCR test hurt?

The PCR test does no pain. Our staff is trained and supervised by a BIG-registered doctor. We explain in advance what we are going to do. The test itself only takes 20 seconds. First, you will be asked to blow your nose, then you will be asked to tilt your head slightly, which will make it easier for the test taker to perform the test properly. The test administration can sometimes be experienced as less pleasant, but it does not hurt.

Important! Persons with a medical condition, or who have recently had a (cosmetic) treatment of the nose or throat or children under the age of four, must be contacted in advance.

Yes, our staff is trained by a doctor and the laboratory to conduct the tests properly and safely.

Our laboratory is ISO certified. This means that we are checked for quality and professionalism.

The specificity of the PCR test is 99.8% and the sensitivity is 99.9%.

In addition, our doctor verifies every result.

It is very important to have the PCR test carried out by skilled and certified personnel, this prevents you from getting a wrong result.

U krijgt bij PCR Test Direct meestal dezelfde dag uitslag als je voor 14.00 in de ochtend hebt getest. The results of the PCR test will usually be in your mailbox before 23:59. Is this not the case? Check your spam folder and otherwise contact us via the email address info@pcrtestdirect.nl

Validity PCR Test
Countries have different requirements with regard to the validity of a PCR test. More information can be found on our travel advice page.

Always check the specific requirement for your destination. This way you avoid arriving with an expired statement. You are responsible for checking the entry restrictions for the destination country with the local authorities and the tour operator. It is always your responsibility to comply with the entry requirements of the country as well as checking the travel certificate for errors. The QR code on the certificate is not connected to the coronacheck app, but is accepted almost everywhere in the world.

The result of a PCR Test is as follows:

1. The results are usually the same day before 2 p.m., but you will receive a quick result within 24 hours regardless of the time of testing.

a. The result is negative:
you will receive the result by email (with travel certificate).

b. The result is positive
: then you will be registered with the GGD if you are a Dutch citizen, this is a legal duty to report that we have. You will also receive a call from us.

c. The result is indefinite :
It may happen that a test has to be analyzed again because the first test gives a result with doubtful values within certain margins. The test will be analyzed again in the laboratory as soon as possible. In some cases you may receive a call to perform the test again. If this is not the case, you will receive the result (and certificate) as soon as possible, but within 36 hours from the moment of testing. This is very rare.

The results of a Covid-19 Rapid Test go as follows:

You have the result within 15 minutes (with travel certificate). Note: a quick test travel certificate is only valid in some countries, check with the authorities of the country you are going to.

With a Covid-19 you can:
a. You can negative tests and you will receive the results within 15 minutes.

b. You can test positive and you will receive a message that you have tested positive. If you have Dutch nationality, you will be registered with the GGD in accordance with the statutory reporting obligation.

If you positive have been tested, you should always follow the guidelines of the RIVM. You go into quarantine and follow the guidelines.

NB: it is always your responsibility to comply with the entry requirements of the country you are going to. The QR code is valid for international travel in almost all countries, but is not linked to the Coronac Check.