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Payso BV sees complaints as an opportunity to improve the quality of our service, so that we can advise you better as a customer. To ensure that your complaint is handled properly, Payso BV has a clear complaints procedure.

To file a complaint

You can submit your complaint in writing (by e-mail to office@pcrtestdirect.nl). You will receive a confirmation of receipt within three working days. We will then deal with your complaint within four weeks. When a complaint is submitted on behalf of an employer or employee, we would also like to receive an authorization signed by the person who wishes to submit the complaint.

Your complaint will be processed

The complaint will be investigated by the responsible officer, who will contact you for an explanation. In addition, Payso BV naturally speaks to the person or persons who are dealing with the complaint.


A judgment is made on the basis of the information collected. If the complaint is (partly) justified, it will be indicated which improvement actions Payso BV is taking. Naturally, in the case of an unfounded and partly justified complaint, the decision will be motivated. You will receive written confirmation of the decision.

Disagree with the statement?

If you disagree with the decision, you can submit a written objection to the management of Payso BV in Amsterdam within one month of receipt. You will then be invited to verbally explain your objection. You will receive a written notice of the decision from the management within one month of this meeting.


Three situations are excluded from the complaints procedure:

1. Dissatisfaction with a test (result), (the complaint has been carried out by certified personnel, and the result has been carried out by our laboratory, for this reason the complaint is then inadmissible).
2. A claim for financial damage that you believe you have incurred at the hands of Payso BV. In that case, you can send a liability statement to the Legal Affairs department of Payso BV.
3. Questions or comments about an invoice. You can contact the administration of Payso BV for this.

Payso BV strives to provide the best possible service. Content, accessibility, speed of work, treatment and information provision play a role in this. Are you, as an employer or as an employee, dissatisfied with the service? Then you can submit a complaint.

Complaints procedure